I'm a German artist, illustrator and surface pattern designer and I create vintage-inspired digital collages, which combine multiple mediums and techniques.

I specialize in dramatic flower portraits, ethnic inspired art, elegant geometrics, modern abstracts, and delicate illustrations.


Creative codename: Princess Layer

All of my work is composed of multiple layers. I love the unexpected and often coincidental effect and depth created with layering, while every single layer is essential for the finished piece. The same thought applies to all of us: I believe that the past always plays an important part in our lives. Past experiences shape who we become, they help us grow, and they'll always leave something traceable behind.

A day without laughter is a day wasted. – Charlie Chaplin

Laughing is for me like breathing fresh air: absolutely essential. And I love to make people around me laugh.

find out here if you share my sense of humor.