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who I am



It’s your journey. Remember. Dream. Live.

Thank you so much for taking the time to getting to know me and my work – I very much appreciate the opportunity to share my story with you!

My name is Susanne Kasielke and I'm a German artist, illustrator and surface pattern designer based in the beautiful Washington DC area. I create vintage inspired digital collages, which combine multiple mediums and techniques (from abstract mixed-media paintings to realistic pencil drawings).
Besides licensing my work, I'm a mixed-media artist, and I have my own line of products (DC souvenirs, paper goods, textiles, home & wall decor).

I believe that the past always plays an important part in our lives. Without the past we wouldn't have important memories and we wouldn't be able to grow & learn. My vintage inspired art helps to keep precious memories close. It's a reminder of important moments and significant people in your life. Remember yesterday. Dream tomorrow. Live today.




After growing up in Germany I moved to DC in 2009. I have a Master's Degree in Graphic Design and Fine Arts. After several years of working in advertising and print production, I decided to pursue my dream of making a living with my art. Besides licensing my work, I'm a mixed-media artist, and I have my own line of products (DC souvenirs, paper goods, home & wall decor).


I work in very different mediums from abstract mixed-media paintings to realistic pencil drawings, but I combine, alter and improve the different elements digitally. Coincidence and imperfection plays a big part in my work: I love to experiment with digital technology and a lot of layers to create unexpected texture and depth.
My prints integrate hand-drawn and painted elements like pencil, watercolor, block print, and acrylics.


I mainly create abstract and geometric collages, ethnic inspired art, animal prints and pencil illustrations.
My artwork is suitable for the textile and fabric market, home decor, wall art, and gifts.



My Motto
It's your journey. Remember yesterday. Dream tomorrow. Live today.

I'm fascinated by old and vintage objects, because they carry so many memories and always tell a story. My home is filled with old books and vintage suitcases that I use as storage units.

There's exactly one celebrity that I'm following on social media: The hilarious Mindy Kaling. "The Mindy Project" is my favorite show and Mindy (Lahiri or Kaling) is my humor-dream-BFF.

I fell in love with DC pretty much on her first day after moving from Munich in 2009. Even after 5.5 years living in DC, Washington is still my favorite city in the world! I love it so much, that I created the DC LOVE souvenir series, which is based on my original pencil illustrations. I won a local competition with this series in summer 2013 and I'm selling my DC LOVE products all over Washington including the local airport.

Me and my pencil
Pencils are my all time favorite medium. When I draw I usually work messy and it takes a while from rough sketches to the final motif – I love the fact, that I can correct my creation as many times as I like until I'm happy with it (because I'm never satisfied the first time).
Even as a kid I wouldn't write or paint without trying it first with pencil.

Command Z
When working digitally "command z" equals a pencil eraser. I need the possibility of correcting mywork, starting over, or trying again destroying the original art.

There's a war in my head
Picasso once said that ”Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life”. It is perfectly true for me: Being creative gives me a break from my busy mind and makes me feel balanced.



  • I write and paint with my left hand but anything else I pretty much use my right hand for (playing pingpong for example)

  • I always carry a (lucky) penny with me (got that from my Grandmother)

  • Avoid talking to me when I'm hungry (Unfortunately I have friends who can confirm that)

  • (Because of the above) It doesn't matter where I go, I always have something to eat in my bag

  • I love miniature golf

  • My favorite band ever: Take That

  • My crafts are totally inspired by my Mom – as a kid we used to make detergent boxes pretty by collaging wrapping paper around them

  • I like going to bed early (I need a lot of beauty sleep)

  • I love snugglebumms - I think that's the first thing I ever bought with my own pocket money

  • I've never met someone who loves Washington DC more than I do

Welcome to my website & thank you so much for stopping by – I'm so glad you're here!

To get to know me and my artwork a little better, please have a look at my SURTEX 2015 promo video.