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Preserve A Moment OLD

Preserve a meaningful moment
with a piece of art made just for you

Turn your favorite location or furry friend into a realistic pencil sketch.


An original piece of art is unique and priceless.

Capture your important memory
with my hand-drawn illustration

All I need is a photo!

How it works
in 7 easy steps

Step 1: We pick a photo
Step 2: You pay 50% of total invoice
Step 3: I draw (7-10 days)
Step 4: You review and approve finished drawing
Step 5: You pay remaining balance of 50% of invoice
Step 6: I ship the artwork to you
Step 7: You receive your commissioned piece of art

The details

Pick between 2 options to preserve your meaningful moment:
Frame or no frame that's the question

Get the drawing unframed in a protective plastic sleeve or framed in a classy white 8x10 picture frame.

Unframed illustration $280

Example unframed illustration $280

Framed illustration $330

Example framed illustration $330

Let's create something memorable together!

Free Photo Advice

If you're unsure which photo to pick or if your photo is usable, I'm here to help you - for free and without any commitment of course. Just send me an email with the image(s) attached:

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