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Happy Clients

Happy Clients & Recommendations


"I highly recommend her creative spirit. Susanne handles our studio's front window displays and shifts them seasonally to align with creative themes. She presents wonderful ideas and has thoughtful execution." – Kimberly Wilson, author, designer, therapist & creative director of 'Tranquil Space'


"Susanne has an amazing ability to listen to you describe your business goals and target audience and then come up with incredibly creative designs for business cards, printed and online material. She is reliable, efficient and has a knack for brainstorming great ideas." – Karin Wiedemann, Coach, Consultant and Trainer, Frankfurt


"I’m probably one of Susanne’s biggest fans – her unique art pieces make many corners of our house so much more beautiful. What I like so much about Susanne’s art is that I could look at the pieces forever and lose myself in all the intrinsic details while at the same time they are not the kind of ‘in-your-face’ art that demands constant attention. Thank you for your wonderful work, I enjoy it every day!" – Karin Metz, DC


"Susanne’s paintings expose both process and care. Her broad-brush approach to her rich colors and deep textures offers a grabbing first-read; but it's her tiny details, carefully overlaid and lovingly attended to, that bring depth and structure to her forms. The results of her efforts are elegant, timeless, and occasionally almost nostalgic pieces, able to command attention and interest in any setting. The piece I proudly hang in my house is one I could stare at for hours. I still discover new intricacies and delightful effects even years after my purchase." – Phoebe Smith, owner of 'Hunt Smith Design', DC


"I had never bought a piece of art before, nor was I particularly interested in abstract paintings. But when I saw Susanne Kasielke’s “Between Fireworks” it “spoke” to me. Is it the composition of colors, the modern, yet somehow vintage style? I don’t know and I don’t have words to describe why I love it so much that I wanted to have it. I have been an admirer to Susanne’s art ever since. She truly has her own style. Her creativity and diversity of her crafts inspires me each time." – I.B., Abidjan