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It’s Your Journey.
Remember. Dream. Live. And Laugh.

Susanne Kasielke is a German artist, illustrator and surface pattern designer based in the beautiful Washington DC area. She creates vintage inspired digital collages which combine multiple mediums and techniques (from abstract ­­mixed-media paintings to realistic pencil drawings). Digitally Susanne combines, alters and improves all the different elements, while coincidence and imperfection play a big part in her work: She loves to experiment with digital technology and layers to create unexpected texture and depth.

Her work integrates hand-drawn and painted elements like pencil, watercolor, block print, and acrylics.
Susanne creates mainly ethnic inspired art, abstract collages and geometric prints, but lately she's been integrating a lot of florals into her work.

Susanne believes that the past always plays an important part in our lives. Without the past we wouldn’t be able to grow & learn. Her art is a reminder of significant moments and people in your life.
Remember yesterday. Dream tomorrow. Live today.

"A day without laughter is a day wasted." - Charlie Chaplin
Laughing is for Susanne like breathing fresh air: absolutely essential. And she loves to make people around me laugh.


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Portraits of Susanne Kasielke

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Portrait Event
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