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Thank you so much for your votes and support!

Susanne Kasielke

Yesterday Spoonflower and Bucketfeet announced the winner of the ocean competition and I placed 10th - YAY! My design won't be printed on shoes, but I'm still very excited about being in the top 10.

If you're interested who won and who else was in the top 10, please click here.
I think it's really amazing how many beautiful and different artworks resulted from one brief. It's so inspiring to see everyone's interpretation of the same theme!

Thank you to everyone who voted for me - I very much appreciate all your support and it means a lot!


Help me win a shoe competition - Please vote for me!

Susanne Kasielke

I'm super excited to be one of the 100 finalists at the Spoonflower & BucketFeet Design Challenge.
BucketFeet is an amazing company that designs shoes and works with a lot of independent artists. They are building a collection of ocean-themed footwear to raise awareness about the environmental issues and the impact of rising sea levels on ocean health for World Ocean Day on June 8. The winning design will be made into a run of limited-edition shoes.

Wouldn't that be amazing to have my work on their shoes?
I'd love your help for a chance to win and would so very much appreciate your vote!

I can't provide you with a direct link to my 'Deep Blue Sea' pattern, you have to scroll through the randomly ordered gallery (but I think it's totally worth looking at all the wonderful ocean-inspired designs) You can vote for as many of the 100 designs as you want - I already looked through the gallery and there are so many beautiful entries!

Here's the link:

Voting closes Wednesday, May 25.

Thank you all so so much!

Below I'd like to show you how I started with this project: