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My obsession with Jurassic Park aka my dinosaurs on Pottery Barn Kids


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My obsession with Jurassic Park aka my dinosaurs on Pottery Barn Kids

Susanne Kasielke

Let's start the week off with something super exciting, that I've been wanting to share with all of you for a long time: I'm beyond thrilled that Pottery Barn Kids picked my 'Jurassic Circle' for their new wall art collection in collaboration with Minted.

It is truly a dream come true having my work on Pottery Barn Kids.

And Minted made it possible through their collaboration! From over 7000 submissions my dinosaur circle was one of the lucky winners. The art the PBK team picked is just amazing - Please head over to the PBK website and have a look yourself!



What has Jurassic Park to do with it?

Once upon a time in the not too distant past I suddenly found myself watching the Jurassic Park movies. Again and again. Especially the most recent one.
Please don't tell anyone, but by now I think I've seen it about 7x. Last time was 2 days ago to celebrate the launch of 'Jurassic Circle'.
It's not that I'm obsessed with dinosaurs in general, but an amusement park with dinosaurs seems to me like the perfect combination.

Did you know? Only 2 more years to wait till the next Jurassic Park movie comes out. I'm already counting down the days ;)

dinosaur in progress