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#mindycrush continues or the wait for the new 'The Mindy Project' on hulu is almost over


It’s your journey. Remember. Dream. Live. And laugh.

#mindycrush continues or the wait for the new 'The Mindy Project' on hulu is almost over

Susanne Kasielke

Almost exactly 1 year ago I admitted for the first time, that I'm a huge Mindy Kaling Fan. And once again I can't wait for the season premiere of "The Mindy Project" on hulu on September 15.

Mindy Kaling still remains the one celebrity that I'm following on social media. I've been re-watching and re-watching all the episodes from the first 3 seasons. Just so you don't think I have nothing else to do, I watch 1 Mindy episode per day for breakfast. I'm definitely not a morning person, but watching Mindy makes even the grumpy-morning-me laugh out loud. It's a great & hilarious way to start the day, you should try it! ;)

I've just launched 3 of favorite quotes as postcards to my etsy shop - I really hope you'll like them! You can buy single cards or as a set of 3. Which quote or design to you like best? I'd love to know - Please comment below or simply send an email!

Here's to having more Mindy in our lives!