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It’s your journey. Remember. Dream. Live. And laugh.

Life after MATS bootcamp or my creative journey over the last 6 months

Susanne Kasielke

My creative bootcamp is over.
The journey of so many different emotions - I mean artwork - has come to an end: 
I went cuckoo in February. 
March made me eat a lot of jell-o.
During May I realized that I really don't like to meditate.
I went whale watching in June. 
And July was tea time.

As you all know I am talking about the 'Make Art That Sells Bootcamp' course by Lilla Rogers, one of the top licensing agents in the world. 400+ artists created with me a piece of art to different topics every month.

I signed up for the bootcamp because I wanted to get to know Lilla & her way of teaching, before I spend a significant amount of money on her popular MATS A+B classes. And of course I thought it would be a fantastic chance to create new portfolio pieces. 
I expected to not learn that much, since there wouldn't be personal feedback, but I'll get professional creative briefs to make fresh art.

But I couldn't have been more wrong.

Yes, I got professional briefs and yes, I created new portfolio pieces. BUT so much more has happened: I became part of a wonderful, kind, inspiring & very creative community. 
AND I've learned incredibly much about me, my art & my process. 

I've been struggling for a very long time with how to combine the different mediums that I use. I always felt like I'm doing so many things but there's no common ground and they aren't connected. Each style stands for itself. But now I found a way. And that makes me very happy :)
I totally resonated with Lilla's teaching style - From the very first introduction video I was hooked -  incredibly motivated, excited and inspired! I can't emphasize enough how worth taking the bootcamp was to me! 
I very very highly recommend taking any of Lilla's classes – It will bring your work to the next level!

Below my submissions in the order of creation:

click   here   to read more about my cuckoo clock assignment

click here to read more about my cuckoo clock assignment

click   here   to read more about my jello-o assignment

click here to read more about my jello-o assignment

May assignment

June assignment

July assignment