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MATS A Week 3 Children's Picture Books

Susanne Kasielke

The story of Teresa Tortoise

My bookshelf is full of beautiful children's picture books: Some from childhood with a lot of memories, some classics like "Alice in Wonderland" and "The Wizard of OZ" and some just beautifully illustrated and vintage.
I love looking at all these wonderful books and I absolutely admire the different and fantastic illustrations.
For this reason I was very excited about this weeks assignment at Lilla Roger's "Make Art That Sells" course, but also pretty nervous.
Because children's picture books are not exactly my forte. Only once before - back in college - I've worked on a children's book illustration.

Creating an illustration for Aesop's fable "The Tortoise and the Hare" was the assignment.
To be honest this week was really difficult.

My all time problem is: How to get from my pencil drawing to the finished colored piece?
I usually really like what I create with my pencil. But then I stop and don't know how to proceed. How to vectorize? How to include structure and colors?
I've tried and tried and tried and decided:
I'll keep my pencil drawing as is, because that is at the moment my favorite medium and style, and everything else has to work around it.
It always happens, that as I start using color at some point I don't recognize myself and my work anymore. I guess I'm just not a color girl ;)

What's the solution? Use less color! So I did.
And who says, a turtle has to be green? It's my illustration so I make the rules.
My tortoise is called "Teresa" and she's wearing a yellow hat and her shell is pink. And she's happy and smiles while she walks through life.
Once I really decided to have fun with it, my Teresa suddenly came to life.

sketching Teresa's world

orignially Teresa was carrying a balloon but once everything came together it seemed too much

How's Teresa gonna look?

my finished pencil drawing

trying some color

My final submission

My final submission