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It’s your journey. Remember. Dream. Live. And laugh.

MATS A Week 4 Wall Art

Susanne Kasielke

I can't believe how quickly the weeks fly by - Last week was all about wall art for me in Lilla Roger's "Make Art That Sells" course. The assignment was to create an abstract collage with at least one word and floral element included.

When I work on my abstract mixed-media paintings, I create a lot of layers and it's all about structure and texture, but not so much words or other (floral) elements.
It happens a lot that I try something but then after I feel like "I wish I could move this a little to the left or if I just had more of that over there..."
For the class assignment I wanted to try it differently, so I decided to create my final wall art piece digitally.
I started off by making tons of backgrounds, a lot of elements with block printing, watercolor, gouache...I had SO much fun, but wasn't really sure where I was going.

I'm a big fan of vintage: vintage furniture, vintage books, vintage home accessories...overall I just love a vintage look in general.
After trying a couple of different wall art pieces that didn't go anywhere, it suddenly all came together very naturally - As soon as I used an old looking paper in the background that I made myself with coffee powder to give it a vintage feel.

I really like my piece, but I'm not completely satisfied with the lettering. I've tried a couple of versions, fonts, styles, but it just doesn't seem totally right yet.
What do you think? Any Tips?
I'd love to hear from you!


backgrounds, block printing & floral motifs

Trust your journey - Trying different styles

backgrounds and flowers

My final submission

My final submission