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MATS A Week 2 Home Decor Market

Susanne Kasielke

I must admit, when I found out about last week's assignment for Lilla Roger's "Make Art That Sells" course, I didn't jump in the air out of excitement.  Who has heard of "Suzanis" before? Definitely not me.
Suzani is a type of embroidered and decorative tribal textile made in Central Asian countries. (Thank you wikipedia

So far I have always stayed away from patterns that are intricate, complicated and consisting of many different elements. It just never felt natural for me to try it. Until now.
And this is one of the reasons I signed up for the class, because I wanted to learn new things.
Before procrastination and negative thoughts kicked in I asked myself: How can I make this mystery topic fun? So I just started by drawing elements with my pencil and tried to not worry about how they will all fit together in the end. 
All of a sudden a couple of hours went by and I just couldn't stop sketching. 
By the end of Monday I went from "I don't think that's my topic" to "YAAAAAY - I love suzanis!"

The main assignment was to create 1-4 plates with suzani inspired motifs. 
I really pushed myself to design 4 matching plates:

my final submission   

my final submission