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It’s your journey. Remember. Dream. Live. And laugh.

once upon a time...a naked man in classroom or drawing the human body

Susanne Kasielke

In this series I'm sharing with you illustrations & paintings from my early days of making art. We might figure out together why my style has changed so much over the years & why I mostly paint abstract these days... banner-once-upon

A naked man in classroom or drawing the human body

Did you know? For 4.5 years once a week during art school I was studying, drawing and painting the human (mostly female) body. I remember my first time as if it was yesterday: It was a Friday the 2nd week of my first semester. I'm sitting in the classroom with maybe 15 of my classmates that I barely knew at that time. AND there is a naked man in the middle of the room. It felt pretty weird. But we begin. So I draw and draw and try not to look too closely. But all of a sudden the model's eyes and mine cross just for a tiny second and of course my head gets all read, I am super embarrassed and immediately look away...He saw that I was looking at him - how incredibly embarrassing...After that I think until the class ended I just couldn't lift up my head from the paper again and I was the first to leave the room. Embarrassing but also hilarious, right? It took me a couple of weeks to recover and get comfortable with the hole naked-model-situation, but very quickly it became one of my favorite classes, also because of my incredible professor!

He taught me that EVERYONE - yes, really everyone - can draw! You just need to look closely, observe and draw what your eyes see. Nothing more. (But I should add that you also need a lot of patience.) In his class I've tried many different techniques: pencil, ink, watercolor, acrylics, pastels - but - SURPRISE - I always went back to my favorite medium: the pencil.

On the last image that I've attached I've finally tried to combine an abstract painting or structured background at that time with my pencil drawing. I wasn't really satisfied with the result and it was actually pretty hard to draw on that kind of texture, so I never really pursued it further.

But from time to time I still try to figure out a way how to bring my two styles together - I am actually pretty desperate so if anyone has a suggestions, I would love to hear it!

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