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waiting for a new iphone

Susanne Kasielke

In a couple of weeks my cell phone contract is ending and I am finally able to pick a new phone. I am SO ready for it: These days are especially hard with my iphone 4S...I updated a couple of apps but now facebook crashes every time, the battery has lost a lot of power know what I mean. But I'm not writing to complain, I wanted to discuss some new iphone cover ideas from Case-Mate with you: Case-Mate is the leader in design of premium cases for smartphones and tablets. They are working together with amazing independent artists to develop beautiful prints & pattern.

One of my favorite designers is Jessica Swift - I've been admiring her work for three years now - since I first met her at DC's biggest Arts & Crafts Fair "Crafty Bastards".

Aren't her Case-Mate iphone cases fantastic? My favorite is "RAIN". Her full cover product range can be found on the Case-Mate website.

getDynamicImage-1.aspx getDynamicImage-2.aspx getDynamicImage.aspxgetDynamicImage-3.aspx

Case-Mate obviously carrys an amazing and wide range of designer prints. BUT...Don't you think that my abstract paintings and vintage designs would be a great addition to their range? I really really think so and I would just love to get the opportunity to work with Case-Mate one day!

Which one do you like best?

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