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Thank you so much for taking the time to getting to know me – I'm super excited that you're here!

I create art for products, textiles, and of course for your wall. I work with textile studios, art directors, and wonderful people, who commission me for an original art piece for their home.

I'm always looking for interesting projects to collaborate on!
Please get in touch - I'd love to create something beautiful together!

It’s your journey. Remember. Dream. Live. And Laugh!

I specialize in dramatic flower portraits, ethnic inspired art, elegant geometrics, and delicate illustrations.
All of my work integrates multiple mediums and techniques (from photography to abstract texture), that I bring together on the computer. I call it: digital collage.

My art targets the modern, self-confident woman, who pursues her dreams to live life to its fullest. Remember yesterday. Dream tomorrow. Live today. And don't forget to laugh! Because a day without laughter is a day wasted (Charlie Chaplin).

Services + how I can help you

Custom Drawing

Preserve a meaningful moment with a piece of art made just for you. Turn your favorite location or furry friend into a realistic pencil sketch. All I need is a photo!

Surface + Textile Design

I create art and patterns for products and textiles.
I specialize in dramatic flower portraits, ethnic inspired art, elegant geometrics, and delicate illustrations.

Projects I can help you with:
- Create original artwork for your products and textiles
- Pick designs from my portfolio of over 200 art pieces
- license or buy artwork outright

Design + Layout

I have a Master's Degree in graphic design and over 11 years of corporate and freelance experience in branding, layout, product development, and print production.

Projects I can help you with:
- from logo design to marketing materials for your business
- design and layout of (wholesale) catalogs, brochures, magazines, press materials

Clients and collaborations

For my detailed resume and CV please click here.

Tidbits and other unprofessional fun facts

Susanne’s studio. When working on new collections, she assembles ideas, sketches and inspiration to her boards to view it all together as a whole.

I'm a German artist, illustrator, surface designer, pencil fanatic, obsessive to-do list writer, memory collector, and I'm always searching for new flower adventures.

After growing up in Germany I moved to DC in 2009. I have a Master's Degree in Graphic Design and Fine Arts. After several years of working in advertising and print production, I decided to pursue my dream of making a living with my art.

I'm fascinated by old and vintage objects, because they carry so many memories and always tell a story. My home is filled with old books and vintage suitcases that I use as storage units.

Me and my pencil
Pencil was my first love. All through my childhood I used to draw only with pencils and my mom used to push me to try something else. Which I reluctantly did. Especially in art school. And I liked learning so many wonderful art techniques, but I always come back to pencil. Always. I start every project by sketching out my ideas with pencil.

There's a war in my head
Picasso once said that ”Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life”. It is perfectly true for me: Being creative gives me a break from my busy mind and makes me feel balanced.



  • I write and paint with my left hand but anything else I pretty much use my right hand for (playing pingpong for example)
  • At all times you'll find multiple to-do lists written on good old post-its on my desk
  • I always carry a lucky penny with me (got that from my Grandmother)
  • Please avoid talking to me when I'm hungry (Unfortunately I have friends who can confirm that)
  • (Because of the above) It doesn't matter where I go, I always have something to eat in my bag
  • My crafts are totally inspired by my Mom – as a kid we used to make detergent boxes pretty by collaging wrapping paper around them
  • I love snugglebumms - It's the first thing I ever bought with my own pocket money
  • I've never met someone who loves Washington DC more than I do